Customer Relationship Management

Our CRM softwares are designed to help your business increase efficiency, and reduce costs. We make softwares that are flexible, custom-built and tailored to your needs, may it be pharmaceutical, restaurant or cafe franchise, thus allowing you to gain actionable lead generations and 360 degree view of your complete sales cycle. Our CRM helps in gaining business opportunity with predictive analytics, streamline operations and personalised service based on the customer’s history and prior interactions with your business.

With years of experience in CRM and Custom built-for-business softwares, we deliver unlimited opportunities to our customers with quality service. Our application development software are truly designed for businesses that include flexible structure and business-class security features.

Why Nigeria Needs CRM software for Nigeria?

Most of CRM software in Nigeria Market are originally developed by US companies or developed by Western economies. Nigeria is a very different Market, we definitely need an Nigeria CRM designed for Nigeria Business practices.Click here to read more why Nigeria needs CRM software for Nigeria.

Most of CRM software is designed for the Bosses. This is the fundamental problem with CRM software available in the market. Reek CRM is designed for the Sales and Service Executives to enable them and act as a force multiplier for them. At the same time, it also provides great information and reporting for the bosses. But ease of use is the first priority.

Close more deals, Manage Sales Teams, Manage Helpdesk, Manage your team with Reek CRM, the Best CRM software in Nigeria. Complete CRM solution for small businesses and Enterprises.
Most user-friendly Mobile CRM software designed for your Sales and Service Teams.

Our smart approach

Our renowned business automation will allow you to:

  • Work fewer hours – and make more money
  • Attract and retain quality, high customers
  • Manage your time so get more done in less time
  • Hone sharp leadership skills to manage
  • Cut expenses without sacrificing quality

One CRM Software to meet all your needs

Sales CRM Software

Designed for making the life of Sales Executives as easy as possible. Manage your Leads, Opportunities, Sales Funnel, Sales Activities and Sales Reporting easily with Reek CRM

CRM for Marketing

Email, SMS, WhatsApp Automation for lead nurturing, Cross Selling and up-selling. Use Account-based marketing with proper categorisation Industry-wise, Product wise or region wise.

Call Center CRM

Manage Sales and Support desk with built in integration with ReekCall, which is Call Center Software. Suitable for a small team as well as large teams for any kind of processes.

Mobile CRM Software

Never miss an appointment or followup, track your activities easily. Log Calls and SMS automatically. Mobile Dashboard to guide your Day and manage your team. Configurable Mobile App.

Custom CRM

Reek CRM is great out of the box, but it can be customised to suit your Business Processes. Every module, every field, every automation, every report can be customised.


Reek CRM comes with a secured web API which can be used to integrate with any software application like ERP etc. Comes with complete documentation, Sample files and telephonic support.

CRM Integrations

Reek CRM integrates with your website, Yellow Pages Portals, your ERP or any other software application. Built-in integrations include SMS, Email Tracking, Telephony, LinkedIn, etc

Helpdesk CRM Software

Manage Support Tickets, AMC, Product details, Product Warranties, Product subscriptions SLAs, Escalations easily with Reek CRM software. Proper ITSM based on ITIL Standards

Most useful CRM Integrations for CRM Software

SMS CRM Integration
Email Tracking for CRM
CRM Telephony Integration
CRM WhatsApp Integration
Website / Customer Portal App
CRM LinkedIn Integrations
Core Business App Integrations
CRM Chat Integration

CRM software Solutions for Any Industry

Reek CRM software is designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. This is the reason why so many clients from so many different Industries are happy with Reek CRM. Even if your Industry is not listed below, without doubt, Reek CRM should be able to manage it.


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